2024 Summer School

Ashok and Orchestra


Accommodation is in a school Boarding House, a short walk from the teaching spaces. There are common rooms and kitchenettes there, where you can make hot drinks.

Breakfast is served in your Boarding House, lunch and dinner on the main School premises.

Single Ensuite room (limited availability)

£740 per person

Single room with washbasin, bathrooms nearby

£690 per person

Twin dorm room (for pre-arranged sharers)

£640 per person

Day visitors (lunch and dinner provided)

£560 per person

Double ensuite room (for couples, not single occupancy) in nearby property

£670 per person

In addition, it will be possible to book bed and breakfast on the night before the course starts, and to book a place in a shared taxi Shuttle between Peterborough Train Station and Uppingham School

Our tutors

Every year we are lucky enough to be able to secure the services of a wonderful team of String Tutors to guide us through our week.  All are gifted players in their own right, with busy careers as international soloists, as members of world class orchestras or teaching in the very best music establishments in the country.  

This is the tutor team invited for 2024:

Phillip Granell - Violin

Catherine Leech - Violin

Sophie Mather - Violin

Alicia Smietana - Violin

Stephen Upshaw - Viola

Rosalind Ventris - Viola

Ashok Klouda- Cello

Tim Smedley - Cello

Duncan Strachan - Cello

Sophie Roper - Double bass 

Our tutors have busy performing schedules and responsibilities, so sometimes we do need to make changes to the tutor team