"A Piece of String" - ELLSO's Online Summer School



Darragh (violin):  Tansy Davies - Loure

Described by the composer as “A kind of dialogue between violence and longing” and referencing the Loure from J. S. Bach’s Partita in E major

Darragh plays Davies

Hear the Bach  here (the Loure starts at 4.48)

Phillip (2 Violins): Gavin Bryars - The last Days (Intermezzo ll)

This set of violin duos was written for the opening of an exhibition in Seville in 1992 called The Last Days. The idea of the exhibition was to produce work for the end of the century, but quietly, in an anti-millennium spirit.” Gavin Bryars.

Phillip plays Bryars

Ashok (cello): Suite for solo baroque cello – Natalie Klouda

This piece was written for Ashok by his wife Natalie. It references a movement from J. S. Bach’s third cello suite and incorporates elements of traditional Indian music. 

Ashok plays Klouda    

Stephen (viola): Benjamin Graves – Nocturne

The composer writes: Nocturne is based on two works by the artist Navid Nuur. The first piece is a neon light tube fashioned into a three-quarter-circle, shining in a dimly lit space, the second is shards of another glass tube within a display case. The music, written for Stephen, reflects these works with its own shards of light glimmering in the dark.

Stephen plays Graves

Robin Michael (Cello): J.S.Bach -  3rd Cello Suite (Prelude)

Specially recorded for ELLSO by Robin, who was unable to attend on the day

Robin plays Bach

Everyone: Finale from Dvorak Symphony No. 8 arr for Strings

Audio track specially recorded for ELLSO by Darragh, Phillip, Stephen, Ashok and Seamus and mixed by Jeremy.

Jeremy conducts Dvorak


Thank you to all participants for making this such an an enjoyable week!